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Happy Holidays!


We are in the final stages of upgrading our email server.  Two main differences with the new site:

  1. The new site has a fresh new look; and
  2. Your username is now your full email address.  (Note: Your password remains the same.)

Members will be required to follow the below instructions to ensure their email account is properly accessible now that we have upgraded to the new server.


Smartphone users – Follow Steps 1 and 2
For online users – Follow Step 2

Step 1: Smartphone users

You will HAVE to DELETE your DRPA email account from your Smartphone, then RE-INSTALL the account, through the following steps:

Select MAIL
Select your DRPA/Exchange account
Scroll to bottom and click the red DELETE ACCOUNT button.

Next, you must reinstall your account:

Select MAIL
Enter your email address
Enter description (DRPA Exchange)
Click NEXT
Enter your password
Click NEXT
You should get all check marks
Click SAVE

Your emails may take some time to populate into your DRPA email inbox.  

 Step 2 : To access your account online or to push your emails to your Smartphone

Go to the same site (https://owa.drpa.ca/owa).  Note:  You will notice the login page has changed to a green and white Sogo logo page.
Enter your username (your full DRPA email address ie. jdoe@drpa.ca) and your password.
By accessing your account online your emails should push to your SmartPhone (If you have your Smartphone set up to receive DRPA email).


If your emails do not push to your phone:

1) Reboot by turning off your phone. Turn on your phone. Check the mail icon to see if your emails appear in your Inbox.
2) Call the office at 905.655.5566.

Covid-19 Pandemic


The Association continues to assist Members and provide information during this unprecedented time in our lives. 
Please remember that we are here to assist you.  Although the DRPA offices are closed to the public and our Members for day-to-day operations, we remain available to each of you.
You can contact us by cell phone or email.  Should you need to meet in person, please call ahead and we will make necessary the arrangements to do.
We thank you for your patience and understanding.   

For Covid-19 updates, click on the following links:

Updates from DRPA
Board Contact Information
Updates from CPA and PAO


Temporary Office Closure during

On March 11, the COVID-19 outbreak was characterized as a pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO).With little to no pre-existing immunity to this new disease, it is critical that individuals and organizations implement certain precautions in order to assist with reducing the spread of the virus. These precautions include regular hand washing with soap and water or alcohol-based sanitizer and can also include “social distancing”, which is intended to minimize contact with others in an effort to minimize transmission of the virus.

In light of the above, I want to assure you that the health and safety of our Members and staff remain a top priority for the DRPA. Many businesses and public venues have closed in order to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, including the York and Peel Police Associations.

The Durham Regional Police Association has also decided to close our offices and The Bunker. The closure will remain in place for two weeks commencing on March 16.  Should the Board extends the closure period, we will keep you apprised.

During that time, the Association Executive will review and assess the situation and determine whether or not to extend the closure at which point the Membership will be notified.

Please note the following during the closure:

The DRPA offices will be closed to the public and our Members for day-to-day operations.

  • The Executive will still be at the office but any appointments will be arranged on a case by case basis. Please call the office before attending.
  • The President, Vice President, Chief of Staff and the Directors are available to Members for any and all issues during this time, meetings can be arranged in consultation with the specific member of the Board.
  • All staff and Executive will be readily available to Members to respond to phone calls, messages and e-mails in a timely manner during business hours to ensure continued business as usual. A list of telephone numbers and/or email addresses are provided below.
  • The Bunker operations will be fully suspended during this two-week closure. Any pre-booked events will be cancelled, unless special circumstances exist, which will be decided upon by the Executive team on a case by case basis

We thank you for your patience and understanding during this time.

Colin Goodwin

Board of Directors CONTACT INFORMATION for Members, click here.


Durham Region’s 911 call centre is in dire need of help!

We only have 60 civilian staff dealing with over 200,000 serious emergency calls 24-7…and the current staffing shortages have an effect on public safety.

We need the Region of Durham to hire more 9-1-1 operators.

I’m asking you to contact Durham Regional Chairman John Henry today, and tell him we need more staff, now.

When seconds count, how long can you wait?

Email or call 905.668.7711


Listen to our radio campaign ads here:


Welcome to the Durham Regional Police Association website.

The DRPA represents in excess of 800 Uniform Members, and approximately 300 Civilian Members, which includes about 15% Part-time. This home page and linked pages are available for the Public, our Members can access the ‘members only’ pages with a username and password.

Working with Parliamentarians

The Canadian Police Association (CPA) is an umbrella organization that represents over 60,000 civilian and sworn front-line law enforcement professionals from across Canada. Our members serve every municipal and provincial police service, First Nations police agencies, the Canadian National and Canadian Pacific Railway police, and we look forward to including personnel from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police as they certify their own, independent association. On behalf of our members, we work in a non-partisan fashion with Members of Parliament from all political parties to advocate for policies that promote public safety while improving the health and safety of those who serve their communities. Our members regularly appear before Parliamentary Committees to offer expert testimony during the consideration of legislation, and are always available to facilitate meetings with Parliamentarians in their home ridings to provide a local policing perspective on important issues. Over the course of the 42nd Parliament, we have been proud to work with Parliamentarians on a number of key issues, including the recently implemented regime to legalize marijuana for recreational use and the adoption of a national strategy to address the unique mental health challenges faced by our country’s first responders. We appreciate that Members of the House of Commons and Senate, from all parties, have worked with Canada’s public police professionals to ensure that the public safety of our communities is a key consideration during the policy development process, and we look forward to continuing that engagement.

Police Moms 

The PAO launched Ontario Police Moms, a social media campaign aimed at increasing positive sentiment about the police services by sharing as many personal stories as possible.

Video 1 – The Hardest Part
Video 2 – Gerda’s Story
Video 3 – The Best Part of the Job
Video 4 – What Makes Them Who They Are


Feel free to browse our public pages. We have information about upcoming events, newsworthy articles and board contact information. Please send us your feedback to info@drpa.ca if there is anything you would like to share or see changed.

DRPA Building
DRPA Building

Uniform and Civilian Members

‘Members Only’ pages can be accessed by clicking the “Member Login” at the right of this page. Your login information will be sent to your @drpa.ca mail account. Check your e-mail account. Your access to the members content must be approved by the Office before you can browse the ‘Members Only’ pages. You can then return to the site and login. Once logged in, you will be able to browse the ‘Members Only’.
Your comments are also welcome via e-mail at info@drpa.ca.

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